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Posted by Quarl - October 29th, 2013

Posted by Quarl - October 19th, 2013

This video is a little more fleshed out. I don't expect to find a drummer on an Island but I figure it's worth putting material out.

Posted by Quarl - October 18th, 2013

Yep. This is true.

Posted by Quarl - September 22nd, 2013

Remember when I said "screw music! I'm drawing dick animals from now on!!"

Well I finally got around to uploading two of my better sketches into the art portal. Flagged as adult so you might not be able to view them but hey, here's 1/2...

Drawing Dicks

Posted by Quarl - August 23rd, 2013

...depression mode activated.

Posted by Quarl - August 18th, 2013

Life has thrown some interesting curves. I'm about to make a post about things and stuff...

I live across the street from a really loud club. I've seen a kid get shot with an AK-47. This has happened a few times this year actually. Here in America, we have a sort of opinion that we have an entitlement to shoot off high powered weapons because it says something in an amendment that I'm supposed to know by heart. The following is a conversation via text I had with my one friend in the damn building (name not posted for privacy/safety + 3:00 AM):

Friendly Person: Jesus Christ please tell me your inside. If your not, stay away from the building... like twenty shots.

Quarl: Im at a friends but please tell me everything is alright.

Friendly Person: Fuck that, I dunno. I aint leaving my room. So many ambulances. Just come back tomorrow. Be safe man.

Let me explain a few things. I tried telling this story to a friend that lives one mile away from me. He immediately started telling me about how good we have it in our country and about how bad it is in the middle east/ siri/ dfadfafdfdafdadf

Yes I get it. We are incredibly privileged in our society. We are so privileged that we fail to see when our own citizens are truly suffering. Our neighbors. My current residence gets a lot of squatters in and out. I've been assaulted by a kid that was high on coke. He was biting my finger like crazy but I guess I was kind of gouging his eyes. That's a long story in and of itself.

Our building gets a lot of weekly renters that come and go. One day at 4:00 AM one resident yelled across the street at a group of locals to "shut up! people are trying to sleep!!" One of the locals yelled back "shut the fuck up you gentrified faggot!"

I pay an extra $245 a month to have my own bathroom for a grand total of $745. For one month my bathtub flooded because I was afraid to tell my land lord that my bathroom was damaged. Apparently having my own bathroom makes me gentrified. I used the "shared bathrooms" that the people in the rooms across the hall have to use. I live on the 5th floor. The 5th floor bathroom is flooded. So is the 4th floor bathroom. None of these doors have working locks. I'm pretty sure the building was built before fire codes. A lot of the fire alarms don't fucking work because steam from the bathroom leaves the bathroom and pours into the halls. The landlord gets charged x amount of money every time a fire truck responds to a false alarm. I have two cats in my room and I was scared to death recently at the state of the electricity in my room. I have one outlet and I have to jiggle my adapter into the socket to get juice. One of the sockets doesn't get power at all. I only just noticed the burn marks on my power strip...

I was told when I moved in that eventually the 5th floor would have wifi and the elevator would be fixed. One of the guys that works in the building is always getting stuck in the elevator. As the elevator is broken, trash piles up in the hallways. We have rats and flies all over the damn place (not in my room. Two cats: not allowed in the building. Will most likely lose my $500 deposit due to damages caused to the mattress. Damn I'm so privileged to have a mattress.) The land lord STOPPED PAYING THE TRASH SERVICE TO TAKE AWAY THE TRASH. So I guess the responsibility to take out the trash lies on my skinny ass arms. I've asked the guys that own the building if I could help them to which they said no. At least once a day my power shuts off because I'm using my microwave to cook breakfast. It uses too much power. I walk out into the hallway sometimes several times over the course of five minutes to flip the breaker just to cook ramen noodles (which by the way is all I can fucking afford.)

I'm such a yuppy. I went to college. People should be handing me jobs right? For six months I put out 10 resumes a day trying to land a job. I would apply to places like Micheals, Target, Starbucks, schools, restaurants, ask me I'll name it. At a certain point I gave in and realized I couldn't pay rent by myself. I resorted to sex work for a minute. I also... at this point I don't want to share information. I did borrow some money from my parents initially because I couldn't do it on my own. And to think were entiteled people on welfare causing the tax payers strife because we're freeloading moochers. I'm such a yuppy.

In our country, the poor are trained to hate the poor. We do not trust one another because we do not see one another and when we do we do not understand one another. Empathy would fix so much in our country. I'm sorry if this seems jutted out and poorly written but I'm just in total culture shock at my own culture. I have stories all day but don't feel safe posting them. My own country men and women might demonize me for speaking up about the shit in our country. I think it's absolutely absurd that as Americans we are silencing our global opinions simply because our athletes only get one shot at the Olympics...

We are fucking Americans. We have a freedom of speech. I am afraid of the Americans that say we have a freedom of speech because they alienate me for being radically liberal. I'm such a lib-tard. Holy crap I'm watching kids get shot from my fucking window while I eat popcorn. I'm not trying to mock the kid that just got shot. It's my fucking diner.

Posted by Quarl - August 10th, 2013


Posted by Quarl - August 4th, 2013

Posted by Quarl - July 26th, 2013

Memory flood.

Posted by Quarl - June 13th, 2013

Mawp. I remember kind of hating the original track. Love what Ewun did here. Also, I just realized I have an extra Noisia ticket for a show on the 22nd. San Fran: regency Ballroom 9:00. If you know anyone in the bay area and they might be interested let em know.