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Does anyone sing to their pets?

Posted by Quarl - 1 month ago

I have theme songs that I sing for my cats. The lyrics are just "meow meow meow" but they understand that the melodies belong to them. It must feel pretty queer to hear a short melody in the next room and have to stop whatever you're doing because it's your own theme music. Cat is probably "fuck, gotta go everyone. Some asshole is singing the song of my people."

I suppose if you're in another country your national anthem becomes your theme music. Do they sing in a negative tone if they hate your country? Is it a bad omen if they refuse to sing your anthem entirely?

I just got back from Colorado, took a few days off from everything drive out to look at houses. The bf and myself want to move into a property just south of Uncompahgre Peak, middle of nowhere. It's a little remote. There's no road maintenance or mail delivery when it snows. Everything runs on propane, we need to put in a solar array. 30+ achres to farm. I'm learning how to pickle foods out of necessity, I'm stoked.

That's all. I really just wanted to talk about my cats but worked in some life details. You have been hoodwinked.




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So what do for internet, use a dish? Hear they can be kinda expensive and laggy, unless you wanna wait for Skynet to finish deploying overhead. 30 acres, but how many boulders below the surface? Hate to be pessymistic.. lost all my crops to deer this year


Lol, Starlink. We will most likely make the move come spring, SpaceX should have a working network in place by then. The house isn't currently equipped for the winter so we NEED to do a ton of work come April/May. Someone was using it as a vacation cabin. Two bedroom, one bathroom... hell if you want to see the Zillow page just say so and I'll PM you the listing.

Tom is a career network architect who works two jobs remotely so we are studying the fuck out of our network options. If the network speeds that Elon is currently reporting with the Starlink beta are accurate we will be just fine. Backup plan, the property gets perfectly good cellular. Tom can use that to turn the Subaru into a wifi hotspot, we wouldn't need a shitty dish. The property sits in a strange location that a cell tower shines a strong signal through the peaks and onto the property. The moment you leave the property, you lose the signal.

Sorry about your crops by the way. I'm a career horticulturalist, so I get your concerns. I don't view any of your statements as pessimistic at all. Realism and pessimism share a lot in common and when working agriculture, every year has the chance to bring something you weren't prepared for. On that note, I'm gonna put up a deer fence.

The land is super lush with tons of Oak bushes, Aspen, milk thistle, and sage. Granted, you will ALWAYS hit rocks if you work the land. The only thing I'm aware of that makes perfect soil for produce is a fuck ton of hard work. I can operate everything from tractors to back hoes so if I need to do more than raised beds I can always rent, borrow, or purchase a machine. I can build a perfectly good irrigation system but first we need to fix or replace the cistern. There's a leak somewhere. The previous owner put in a ton of holding tanks in the basement for potable water as a work around. We are 100% going to try drilling a well.

Sorry for the word count. Please, feel free to poke holes in our plan. It will only help.

@VicariousE This is why we need mounted M249s and 500-round box magazines.

everyone has some kind of a habit just like singing to their pets. sadly i dont have pets but if i would have, i would of course sing their fav song sometimes haha!

I sing at everything. making wonderfully silly lyrics for activites, people, plants, pets, everything.

lol, pick up beatboxing. Sprinkle some vocal drums into your songs :D

yes I do sing to my dog.

Sounds like you guys have it all sorted out, congratulations and best wishes in your new homestead!

Real photo here? That cat has such a glow it almost seems like it's been photoshopped in...

You're living the life! Off the Earth for Real! The heavier the work the heavier the weight of accomplishment... in a good way I mean that. Hope you eat some of that milk thistle too. Tasty in salads when new. Curious what you grow too?

Lol, that cat is so photogenic. My phone has become a slideshow of pics of him sleeping on Tom.

Not sure I understand the question about growing but we will probably figure out a way to divert rain water for some crops. The property has a place we can fit a reservoir which could subsist off of snow melt. We're talking about drilling a well. We can't grow anything until we figure water out. Sicne the property gets elk herds grazing through daily I'll need to put up a deer fence. I don't want to use the full 35 acres but we are getting a back hoe tractor so I mean...we could? We have so much else to worry about first though... it's a huge lifestyle change but we're super into it.

Tom used to grow weed in his closet in Florida. He wants to do that again but hey... it will be in a legal state this time. I may be a horticulturalist but I've never done much farming. I've done small gardens for clients in the landscaping industry, maintained plenty of gardens, and have grown a few veggie plants of my own over the years. I usually hate landscaping for myself preferring to rest when I get home. no one likes bringing their work home with them right?

I hope that answered the question :)

Endless energy Quarl; everyone around just sleeping the day away, both cats and Toms. :P

Ah it seemed like you were farming already, so I was curious what crops. Not at that point ye huh. What do you plan to grow when you do though, something edible, something else? More for yourselves or more to sell?

We have a small plot every summer ourselves, around 50 m2 maybe, enough to have fresh sallad all summer and other greens a bit past Christmas at least. That's a loooot of acres though, potential to be totally self-sustaining if that's what you're plotting... 35 acres of weed seems like potential BIG PROFIT too. XD Wonder if Elk eat that...

Yeaaah I guess so! I've been thinking about making a switch from IT to gardening myself, at least partially, to get outside more, but it's a comfortable lifestyle when you can just sit around for work, and then do whatever when you get off... though in the end I just end up sitting around even more. Total technological takeover.

Not sure it'd be so fun to farm full-time though. I guess you can shed some light on how that all works out soon though; advice on the doability of a potential career swap. ;)

Sort of! :) Still curious to know if you have any particular crops planned... if you've planned that far yet.