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If Daft Punk can break up, so can I.

Posted by Quarl - 4 days ago

In light of recent news and not wanting to feel overshadowed, I have decided to break up myself into two separate organisms.

Good ol' Daft P has been making music for almost 100 years now if you include all the artists they have played in their famous DJ sets. They had a great run and it's always a sad day for fans when a band or act splits up and goes their seperate ways. In fact, it's kind of a cliche. That's why starting today I am going to seperate all of the atoms down the middle of of my body and become two functional chibi versions of myself.

It is something no other artist has attempted intentionally. Creative purists can bask in my originality as my left consciousness continues to make music while my right consciousness starts a family and runs a farm. This was decided to be the best course of action for Quarl moving forwards. It's an open secret that the two halves of Quarl have been having mild disagreements relative to how the singular organism has made decisions in the past. Fans are hopeful that despite the breakup Quarl will continue to feed her cats.

In other news, I am momentarily breaking down my life for a cross country move. I've previously lived in New York, California, Tennessee, and recently Georgia. Colorodo will be the next homestead. For those that pay attention to politics I will be moving from Marjorie Taylor Greene's Georgia district into Lauren Boebert's Colorado district. I'm stoked I've been given the opportunity to vote against both of them.

As usual I will link to my bandcamp page, go give Almost Orgasmic a listen. Still got plenty of 2Q4U hardcopies. I had thrown Among The Stars up on youtube for some odd sub reddit. It is now being included here for no relevant reason.



Comments (3)

I really like your header photo

I'm a big weeb for Shingeki No Kyojin.

First artist I get recommended to when I create my account is a NG veteran from 2005. I feel old... XD

I'm a veteran. I like that, sounds better than dried up milf cougar.

I've noticed plenty of kids running around enjoying the same vibrant newgrounds that I grew up with. It always feels a little weird knowing that time has moved so quickly but there's always time for more! Glad you finally created an account :D

If the left side of the brain can exist without access to the right and the right can exist without access to the left, then perhaps a person truly could be split into two unique sentient beings.

One would likely be more creative than the other, maybe they could work together or maybe they wouldn't get along at all. You'd need a fresh corpse to implant one half of the brain into and therapy while neuroplasticity remaps the limbs. Initially only one side would know how to talk but given time it would hopefully work that out too, maybe with enough LSD.

This is what I will dedicate my remaining years to.

I'm glad I was able to find you a purpose away from newgrounds. History will write fondly of the golden age when Tom Fulp left newgrounds.com and started cutting animals in half to further his research into creating the perfect Pacific Rim giant robot candidates. When the colossal sea monsters emerge from the interdimensional portal at the bottom of the Pacicific rim and start destroying our cities, the clones of your dead family will fight back in the name of humanity and friendship.

History will not look back as fondly on the time your research switched from cutting animals in half to cutting your family in half :[