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This cartoon was such a good surprise. I'm glad you got a front page spot for this. I laughed. I cried. Thank you for pulling this project together, all of you people.

It should go without saying, making clothes out of someone's friends is wrong.

Art at its finest. Ya'll should be proud. My favorite part was when they kissed.

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Oh hi Atlas Falling Down. Fancy seeing you here. Thanks for using my music, no one ever does. I was beginning to think my music was too weird for everyone. Great game chocks ^o^

epic lulz.

Pretty good game. I can't stop playing it. I keep getting stuck at that sword fight though. i'm not fast enough for that shit. make it easier.

holy shit :)

At first I wasn't sure if there was a point to this game and I'm still not sure if there really was but I LOVED the style man. The music which you forgot to credit was really nice too. I didn't recognize the piece but it sounded like Debussy? Go edit your flash to include the composer in there man :p

4mlr responds:

I use in game only classic music:
Fly = Maurice Ravel - Menuet sur le nom de Haydn
Fall = Frederic Chopin - Prelude In E Minor, Op. 28
End = Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Rondo in D Major, K. 485

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Hahaha, it's the same song I just listened to but better. I'm a sucker for those filth basses. The pitch bent snare drums tickeled me. Hell yeah MR.

MRM3 responds:

Hahaha, thank you!!!
I totally like this version better than the original... I feel ya when ya say "I'm a sucker for those basses" yeah, totally agree.
Glad someone noticed the snares ;3
They're so cute, but they still pack a punch :DD
I guess closer to a Drum 'N' Bass snare... still love it ;3
Hell yeah, thank you so much for the awesome review, Q!! 😍😍🤩

I'm gonna have to grab my headphones when I get home, this sounded tight on my phone. It sounds like you've mastered LMMS. The fuck are those bass sounds at 1:45?? Filthy hard. Kids these days have no idea what too filthy means.

I need my headphones <3

MRM3 responds:

Uhh the fuck did I do to deserve this AWESOME AF REVIEW!??!?!?
haha thank youuu!!!
You like were the one who helped me most of anyone else on the planet, with all of your super helpful tips an stuff. I do believe I have pretty well gotten to the point where I can translate music from my head onto a track... but I also believe it's alot your fault ;3
Thank you for the insane compliments an stuff XDD
I love those filthy lil basses alsoooo!!! (kinda why I used em in the song lmao)
And your headphones need you <3
thank you again, Q!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩😁😋

hahahahahaha, classic nuero funk, had a Noisia vibe. So compressed though. Did you just slap a compressor on top of a compressor before slapping a compressor on the compressor? Like damn son. This track is a wall of frequency. Kudos.

BiPolarBeat responds:

I mean, a lot of the sounds are distorted and sidechained, also there's a distortion on the master bus on the sub so you can (kinda) hear it on phones and sub-par stuff. Also it's crushed to -6.5 LUFS so maybe that's that :///

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This is what I've come to expect from newgrounds.

Is it too much to hope for a sequel? Zero Dawn was a hell of a game. Nice drawing gris.

At first I was only going to give you 2 and a half stars. I was all like "the fuck is this shit? A pair of legs and a man thong?" Then I realized I needed to scroll up and look at the entire drawing instead of just half of it.

Atonal rhythmic noise.

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