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Quarl's News

Posted by Quarl - August 17th, 2014

Well, my computer died again. Instead of writing up some angsty post about how mad I am that my gear is constantly failing on me I decided to upload a few old tracks that I’ve removed over the years. A few years ago I signed a track off to a label and well, nothing really happened after that. Most of my major accomplishments with music happened here on newgrounds in the shape of prize money, tee shirts, downloads, and friends. I don’t really engage with the community here anymore but I’ve used newgrounds over the years as a sort of make shift off site back up hard drive thing. I keep coming back for mp3s of my old work. Have at it. Enjoy a few tracks.


I'll upload a few more later this week. I just found an old CD with a few more IDM songs on it.

Posted by Quarl - July 31st, 2014

I know the mood emoticon is a super happy face but I'm actually quite upset. My computer is constantly failing on me, blue screening, demands constant hard resets, freezes at the GNU grub start up screen, and has basically been a piece of shit since I got it a few months back. No surprises. It's one of those laptops you'll find in the Walmart $2 DVD bins. If you dig deep, sometimes you can find really cheap laptops.

I'm working two jobs at the moment and just purchased a new Casio. I'll be making music again before the end of the year but it couldn't come any faster.

paypal------> quarlmusic@hotmail.com

Give me all of your money. I promise I'll spend it better.

Posted by Quarl - July 18th, 2014

Worked hard to get this done by robot day. I really want to test the sound on my car stereo but my disk drive isn't working. Also my car speakers are starting to lose their power. Constant struggle of dying tech :p


Posted by Quarl - June 17th, 2014

Why is it everytime I get into a writing frenzy or a creative moment my computer dies, speakers blow, or a midi controller fails on me? I'm not sure when a new track will come along but if I put out nothing new this year just chalk it up to same old shit.

Posted by Quarl - May 26th, 2014

That's right. Download one track and you gain the exclusive privlidge to download the other track for FREE as if you couldn't already do it in the first place! I'm such a wonderful person, yes I am. Thank me and what not.

Misanthropic - Dark, heavy, grimy, DNB, glitch.

Always Around You - IDM, glitch, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Flashbulb, experimental.

Happy birthday.




Posted by Quarl - January 6th, 2014

You guys know that moment in sitcoms and popular movies where a guy is talking to a really cute girl, he's hitting on her, and hey... did I mention she's cute? And then you find out the chick is a dude and everyone has a laugh at the protagonists expense? This happened to me today. Except I was the chick... and it wasn't funny. Awkward as all hell. This sitcom is shit.

Oh well. I guess this means I'm pretty or something.


Posted by Quarl - January 5th, 2014

I got new stuff going on in my life but instead of gushing drivel I figured I'd crush on some more music. Sugar Ros, video's pretty good too :p


Posted by Quarl - December 30th, 2013


Posted by Quarl - November 14th, 2013


I was having a conversation with a trans man and came to an interesting realization of a certain point during our transitions. It was a mutual experience, a shared period of passing from one gender to the other. Despite our opposite goals it’s as if we had crossed paths somewhere in the middle, looked each other in the eyes, and eerily kept on walking without saying a word. He had described a small feeling of sadness looking back at the person that he used to be.

It was a dark and somber moment. It’s a strange feeling of looking at old self portraits and seeing someone else. It’s like looking at someone that is no longer with you. Like an ex boyfriend or girlfriend: that person just feels gone forever. The sad feeling was brief but it made me realize that I’m a completely different person now. I’m actually the happiest I’ve ever been. Right after I started my hormones I knew that I had found the chemicals I had been missing. All of my feelings started to fall into place. It was as if everything got a little brighter. I’ll always wish I had the resources to transition sooner but life isn’t perfect. Sometimes life can damn near suck.

I’m not a very spiritual person but I do have a fondness for the Native American beliefs in dual spirited people. Two spirits intertwined. While I may have been sad for a few seconds reflecting on an old life, I’m happy now looking back on the moment. It no longer feels like that Cory is gone forever. He just passed me the torch. We will see each other again at some giant reunion party of past lives. He’ll be dangling from some chandelier and doing parkour.

Edit: There's also a slight chance he'll be regrettably drunk and possibly hitting on me but I know him well enough to just laugh it off and later I can draw on him with a marker.

Posted by Quarl - October 29th, 2013