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New beat box video: Closet Beats

2017-03-12 12:10:35 by Quarl

Was filming beats to capture new techniques and improve my sound. You can't really get better at something unless you analyze it. I find that musicality improves if you record somehow. Recording lets you nit pick the details. Got a lot wrong with this take but it's hard to get a "good take" on an iphone while standing in a closet. Happy practice :')


This video never stops amazing me.

2017-02-11 00:24:22 by Quarl


Melting Snow With Hot Beats

2017-01-06 13:36:48 by Quarl


Get in my mouth.

2016-12-21 01:17:30 by Quarl



From youtube:

I'm so tired of people calling me Carl. I will continue to upload music under the alias "Quarl" on newgrounds but I'm picking "Inqk" for beat boxing because the name weaves into beats more organically.

Inhaled My Lunch Box : Inqk

2016-10-26 19:58:26 by Quarl

A short beatbox video from my lunch break. Should of waited to digest it first...


Inqk : Beatbox : Not Sexist

2016-10-13 18:54:48 by Quarl

Yeah, my beatbox name is Inqk. It's easier to say and can be spelled into beats in only four measures. Also I'm getting really tired of people calling me Carl.


Not just for beatboxers, drummers have something to learn here too. As do players of other instruments. I promise, something for almost everyone. You just have to give it some time.


Phlat Tires And Lip Rolls

2016-08-19 18:26:29 by Quarl

While waiting for road side assistance to arrive, I figured I'd beatbox. Before you say "why didn't you fix the tire yourself" understand that I couldn't figure out how to detach the donut from the bottom of the work van in the first place. Beat boxing and drawing sad pictures was a better time sink.


Another After Work Diddy

2016-07-27 23:54:25 by Quarl

I made a lot of mistakes... my dadadadadas are usually way tighter. Regardless, I'm making progress. Low quality because iphone. Sitting in a car because best acoustics in my house.