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Bonita! I love this little animation. It's so cute, from the fish to the sun on the horizon. This is great Arzielzq!

That's a crazy awesome looking tool, would love to try this with audio. It looks like it should work as a simple midi controller but I'm having trouble finding proper technical data on the product page. Just says "works with audio" all over the place. Can it be used like a midi controller? Will it conflict with a piano? Does it interface directly with specific DAWs... I NEED TO KNOW MORE THIS THING LOOKS DANK.

Genuine criticism: who licks their own arm pits? I love your work Mr. Shark but even my boyfriend is looking over my shoulder right now like "sorry...that's kind of weird."

I need to stop showing him Newgrounds things :'l

EDIT: Oh duh, cat girl. For some reason that body language was lost on me despite owning three cats. Thank you for pointing this out. The drawing has taken on a new life. 10/10.

EDIT 2: I showed it to my boyfriend again like "ITS A CAT GIRL" and his response was "what's the blue thing." I'm so sorry for these messages, I'm just having fun. Keep drawing your drawings however you may draw them, I love your style.

FuShark responds:

Well it was suppose to be a play on how cats clean themselves but I'm sorry you and your boyfriend don't approve.

I'd say this is pretty tame for "Newgrounds" so might be for the best.

We all go through lows, I'm happy to share a high with you. I posted briefly on Facebook about the drawings. If you use that platform feel free to reach out and add me! Look for Cory Francesca MacNiven :3

EDIT: I despise Facebook but it's the only way I can stay in contact with certain people. Good on you to avoid that platform.

Garnet-Frost responds:

Thank you and, unfortunately, I'm not a huge fan of Facebook.

My word, art from Apollonia Saintclair wholesome enough for the front page.

"SPAM!! It's pink and it's oval, SPAM!! You buy it at the mobile, SPAM!! It's made in Chernobyl, SPAM!"

It's an old song by a ska band called Save Ferris. I've been learning how to cook with Spam lately. Pork fried rice, yum 😋

Gorgeous robots, the rusty colors are really well done. Even the chipped paint is absolutely lovely. The wires splay about nicely. I'm not sure what the circle/square double border does for me, I might have preferred just white negative space as if this were a panel in a comic book. Sorry, these are the ramblings of a crazy person. I must return to my planet now.

I love the way in which Robot Day is giving me an outlet to favorite some adult content. I try to avoid it but sometimes the art work is so incredibly tasteful that it's given a pass. Thank you Love & Sefu :3

LovenSefu responds:

Thank you! The work has been updated. You can view the newest version here:

This machine has an awesome amount of funk and personality. That circuit board in the background was a super sly move :)

BastianConst responds:

Thank-you kindly :D
What's a funky robot without a funky circuit board ;)

This is some awesome use of robots. Reminds me of what I'd imagine concept art for David Lynch's 1984 Dune adaptation might look like. Other worldly and mysterious <3

aki-T144 responds:

Thank you! I do love David lynch! I haven’t seen the dune concepts maybe I will check them out!

Meaningfulness managed in a not so meaningful manner makes meaninglessness.

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