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Quarl's News

Posted by Quarl - March 18th, 2008

This is just an experiment to see if more people will respond to shorter news posts.


Posted by Quarl - March 5th, 2008

An inverted filter is fucking up the sound quality on my radio show (thank you Rig for pointing that out.) Because of this I will no longer be doing my dnb show on tuesdays. If you can put up with the shit sound however, you can still tune into my other show Metal In the Morning. You'd have to be up at 8:00 on a Wednesday though. I know that's kind of early for some of you.

In other news, I might have a track coming out of Reason sooner than I initially thought. The programs relatively simple to use. I thought I was gonna get cock slapped with all the new nobs and such, but in reality, they're just a hell of a lot of fun to play with. I'm noticing however that the style of what I'm making is drastically different than what I was developing in garage band. Fact: garage band is a shitty program and I took it far beyond what it should have been capable for.

I completely stopped working on that V-day toon. I think I'll save it for another time. It was just far too an ambitious project to get done in time for the holiday. 24 fps, a four and a half minute cartoon, synching the story up to the song. It was a lot and I severely underestimated how busy school would make me. Regardless, I still hope to finish it one day. I'm planning on starting up a different cartoon once I finish Rig's CTSG collab short, so expect more info real soon.

I'm two days away from a much earned break, I'll get to see my girl and my best friend again and I'll have the chance to get some sleep I've been missing the last few weeks. Life is good. Hmmm, any thing else new.......umm... guess not.

Stay in school, brush your teeth and don't do drugs ;)

Lots of stuff!

Posted by Quarl - February 9th, 2008

AHHHHH HOLY CRAP!!!! My friend just hooked me up with reason 4!! Jesus fuck, I'm so excited. I'm going to be taking a bit of a hiatus from submitting audio for a little while. I need to take some time to learn the new app.

Also, I got my radio show renewed for this semester. Just like last time I'll be playing drum n bass along with whatever electronica I happen to pick up here on newgrounds that I think sounds professional enough to be mixed in.

I'm so damn excited. I just recently bought The Human Resource along with a few new moving shadow mixes, so I'm pumped full of new material. If you think there's something I absolutely have to play, bother me on AIM during my show time and I'll try to accomidate your request. I'm not garented to play what you have for me though. It has to be clean for the radio.

The show is from 3:15-5:15 on tuesdays. You can listen to it through your mp3 player by visiting walfradio.org and clicking "Listen Live: MP3" on the menu to the left. I also have another show later in the week at 8:00, but who here could possibly listen in at that hour?

Radio Show/ REASON!!!!!!

Posted by Quarl - February 4th, 2008

So, the art school is having us knit and crap. Contrary to my expression in this pic, it's kind of relaxing. (Actually, in this pic I'm crotcheting.)


Posted by Quarl - January 26th, 2008

Well, I just recently uploaded a new track Android Combat, and the thing got zero voted hard. In light of that, I'm using my news space to advertise for it. Go listen to it. I worked really fucking hard on it :P

Some people have also been voting down my track Lapse.

Not a lot I can do about all that but go back and vote it up when I get the chance. Zero voters, what the fuck?

Gah, zero votes >:(

Posted by Quarl - January 15th, 2008

I'm thinking of going back and deleting all my old songs that I don't like anymore. the reason behind this is primarily the drums. I used to use samples for the drums because I didn't know how to program them at the time. Arguably, I'm a drummer, and I could easily recreate any of those samples...still, keeping them around makes me feel sick. Also, I don't think the quality of those songs are up to par with what I'm making now.

In any case, if you have any interest in my old tracks, I'd go back and download them. I won't start taking them down until tomorrow sometime.

In other news, look at what I found in my best friends room! Kind of scary/creepy, but not really if you know the kid :D

Deleting old songs.

Posted by Quarl - January 5th, 2008

Happy belated new years! Like always, I'm behind schedule with this type of shit, but I guess you can say i've been busy. So, here's the run down...

-still working on that v-day toon
-got another song that i've been working on almost ready for public ears.
-like, 50 cops came down on my friends and myself whilst we were enjoying a perfectly legal game of manhunt in a grave yard...I swear to god we weren't getting high... yet :P
-got a nintendo ds and an ipod for christ day.
-kind of wish I got Reason or Logic though...

That about caps it all up. There's other stuff that's been going on, but it doesn't really concern the newgrounds community :P


Happy January 5th!!!

Posted by Quarl - December 10th, 2007

Holy crap. I know no one here gives a shit, but my first semester of higher learning is over! Had some crazy times, met some crazy people, had some crazy instructors... fuck. There's a lot I want to say, but I can't begin to fathom it all through text, so instead, here's a picture of one of my instructors teaching Evan how to put on fishnet stockings...

First Semester of art College over!!

Posted by Quarl - November 12th, 2007

Guess what? You can actualy tune into my DnB radio show via iTunes. Just go to http://www.walfradio.org/ and click on "Listen Live: mp3" and you'll get my college campus's radio show on your iTunes. RAWR!

Tune in Tuesdays at 1:15-3:15.

For more details on what I play, check out one of my previous journal entries. I love playing stuff off of newgrounds, so if you think there's someone I need to play, drop a line here, tune in, and maybe you'll catch me playing it.


Posted by Quarl - October 29th, 2007

Yep, I've already started up a new Valentines day cartoon. I choose to stick to Minus the Bear. I'm using "Double Vision Quest" from their new album Planet of Ice. It's the longest track I've ever attempted to animate to (4 minutes and 30 seconds at 24 frames per second.) It's probably not gonna fit the minimum size limit so I'm gonna have to make it look really good if I'm going to beg someone to post it for me. I got a preview pic at the bottom of the post. As I get further I'll keep putting them up. If you've never seen any of my toons I'd recommend watching this one...Vare's Juant

I'm also almost done with a new track. I was trying to emulate a style closely resembling Mr. Rawrthaas. I think I failed at that so I'm sorry for making you look bad sir :( My last two tracks were really light and airy (including this one that I haven't really finished yet) so I think I'll make some contrast with another dark dnb kind of like Battle of the Robots. WEEEEE!!! *STAB

V day toon/new track.