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AHHH (taffy)

2007-07-17 19:26:01 by Quarl

Holy crap. Taking in the redesign...slightly buzzed...slightly confused...AGHHHHH

I fucking love it all. The portal is almost ecactly the same, but it;s the user pages and the audio portal that really stand out now!! AHHH, AESNSMGRJTMW<styjentm 6udn (keystroke)

For those that actualy give a shit, I'm working on a new cartoon right now. Hopefully i'll be done in the next week or two. Also I'm working on two new songs. Dig it.

I'm gonna be surfing the new site! chow.


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2007-07-19 23:29:49




2007-07-24 09:07:03

Hey dude, you actually used that song of me? At least you said so, it's been a while i was looking on my account and you actually were the only one to leave a comment :p

Quarl responds:

yar, I'm working on a toon with it in there. It's just taking me a while because I just started collage. RAWR.


2007-09-14 21:02:11

hey, man

Quarl responds:



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