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Posted by Quarl - August 9th, 2008

Posted by Quarl - July 27th, 2008

For anyone wondering why I'm uploading music again, it's because of this guy.

Anyone from the forums knows why I hate him, so we'll just assume you've followed the whole "you use garage band sample songs/ no I don't" argument.

Also, I feel like newgrounds audio portal needs a better good audio to bad audio ratio. I'm only trying to help guys :P

Posted by Quarl - July 19th, 2008

This is for the millions of fans :P

/* */

Posted by Quarl - July 12th, 2008

I know I said I was done uploading, but then I got nice and drunk and decided it was a good idea to share. I uploaded Concept Fading which is a song I finished a while back. I mixed it into Eclipse so when you put the two songs next to each other in your ipod, they sync. Also, I re-uploaded Eclipse so that it plays better into Harlequin Pulse the collab between me and Trogdar.

Actually, the real reason for me uploading this song is because of all the crappy garage band sample songs I'm hearing. It's really annoying when something like this becomes popular. Really, kids are so ignorant to what they're listening to. They don't even realize that they can make that same shit in five minutes with absolutely no effort. All you need is garageband, which comes for free with the iLife suite.

For anyone that knows me well enough in the forums though, you remember me getting mad at him before for this piece of shit. Well, he's had plenty of time to take in my anger, but nothing has changed. He's still doing exactly what he he doing before, except now he's getting 2,000+ downloads for it.

Ok. FL users. You guys know souljer boi? Well thats how mad I am at this kid, except I'm more angry because it's happening right in front of me, in my own e-community that I grew up on, and there's nothing I can do about it but rant to the ten people that will eventually stumble into this post. This is where I came to in grade school to kill celebrities, club seals and smoke with the teletubbies. This is where I decided to learn how to animate with flash and make music. It's where I'm going to be coming for years to come to enjoy simple pleasures.

But I don't want to come here only to be swamped in the audio portal by cheap garage band sample loops. Those samples arn't there for you to claim as your own. What they're really there for are for people doing podcasts and simple films. It's allows them to quickly and easily access royalty free sounds. It's a joke that kids can get e-popular off of nothing but samples and presets. It makes me embarrassed to catch these kids uploading such rubbish. What's really bad is how some of these kids deny the fact that they're using samples.

When you submit your audio, please be aware:
You are making the legal claim that it is your own original work.
Loops you made from existing copyrighted songs are not your own original work.
If your submission is not your own original work, you will be placed on a rejection list and held responsible for any repercussions.
You will remain the owner and credited author of the submission.

A song created in garage band using nothing but samples is not technically your own original work. It's entirely someone elses work. The audio portal doesn't need to be flooded with this shit. But it is, and I get really annoyed when I see "This is all my own recordings," or "I worked really hard on this," or "this took me a lot of effort" etc. It's obvious to me that your full of crap when you say that.

Dunno, maybe I'm a hypocrite. Maybe I'm not thinking deeply enough. I've used plenty of samples in the past to help bring a track together. I use programs developed by true pros to make my music. I'm standing on the shoulders of people that have made advances in this field long before I was even born. But it just seems silly to me that a creative effort has been so degraded. It's one thing to explore a bit on your own and learn something. But it's not the same to take a sample and claim it as your own, or to claim to have more experience and knowledge then you really do. I'll admit to being a hypocritical fickle inexperienced kid, but at least I'm trying a hell of a lot harder then half these kids that claim to be trying but really aren't.

I broke my vow not to upload music in an attempt to protest the shit that gets put into the portal that is obviously getting too much attention for the lack of honesty that it really is. I'm sorry for thinking I could avoid the AP. Regardless, I'm still holding on to a lot of tracks so I can at least half feel like I've stuck to my vow :P

I'm pissed. Rawr.

Posted by Quarl - May 1st, 2008

A year at art school is getting me to think about things I've never really thought of. What used to be a hobby of mine is becoming my life and my future. While I'm by no means tied to electronic music, I really want to protect my work and ready it for commercial retail. I feel like I'm just now getting good, and I want to start collecting what I have for myself. If I give away my music for free, no one will want to buy it. Same with my art work.

I always just give away the things I create. Paintings, drawings, animations, music and anything else I've ever worked on has been profitless. I'm going to be an artist, but I can't be such if I'm always so generous. I've bought sets of blank cds; 60 sets, and just gave them all away without a penny back. It was my old work, and I'm embarrassed by it now. I'm through with it. The generosity stops here. This is perhaps where I get the least amount of response for my work. I'm tired of all the little kids on newgrounds voting zero for nothing. I'm tired of all the useless reviews that say "lol! good j0rb" and that nonsense. The good reviews I get back have been so helpful. I'd be no where if it wasn't for those people, but it just isn't going to be enough anymore. I'm almost at the point where feedback is worthless and a majority of what I produce should be exploration and not guidance. Sure there are things I still need to learn how to do, like how to use a compressor properly, and better mastering techniques.

Things like that don't matter to me anymore though. I'm holding on to my work now because it's good enough to fix later and sell for retail. Or at least that's how I feel. My latest and last track here "Eclipse" is so much better than anything I've ever made, and I only started working on it a day before I submitted it. I feel so comfortable with it. I'm happy with it.

I've done a live set before, and it was really interesting. I want to continue to explore performing with my work, presenting it. Finding new ways to deliver electronic music to people otherwise unwilling to give it a shot. I want to share my work, but not for nothing. I want to make it my life. I want to make sound my bread and butter. Am I in the wrong school for it? Of course not. I'll be taking a time media studio next year and I'll have access to all sorts of fun toys and synthesizers. Art school is the right school for what I want to do. It's teaching me how to better explain what I do. It's teaching me to better handle my work. It's teaching me so much. Perhaps, it's teaching me more than I could ever learn here on newgrounds.

Dunno. I guess there's a lot on my mind right now. Fact is, I don't feel like newgrounds is a good outlet for me. I have the same experience with myspace. I just can't stand out here or anywhere else on the net. It's not going to happen here. I need to do more live performances. I need to promote my self. I need to get the fuck away from newgrounds. There are problems with the AP that need to be fixed. There are problems with the average newgrounds users. There are problems that may never get fixed.

Who knows, maybe they will fix the problems, but I won't be around for it. I'll still post in the forums and exist here to review work and bitch out idiots who use free garage band loops, but the problems of the portal won't be my problems. "The problems of the future, today" is not my motto, as it's no longer Tom Fulp's. My new motto is "the problems of future, yesterday."

Ahem, to paraphrase, I'm happy with my work, but I'm disappointed with the general newgrounds community. Some people make it almost worth while, and you know who you are, but I just can't stand the bull shit any more. Also, I plan on being successful with my art. While being generous is a good thing, it isn't helping me.

Good bye audio portal. Hello the rest of my life.

One more thing... if you havn't allready listened to the collaboration I did with Trogdar, go and give it a whirl. That kid is going places :)

Also, here's a pic of me exhausted. Enjoy.

Good bye audio portal.

Posted by Quarl - April 22nd, 2008

Posted by Quarl - April 19th, 2008

I guess I'll use the new video feature to share this toon I made back at the begining of the school year. It was for a competition called "what is it you like about Alfred University" or something like that. Needless to say, they rejected this pretty fast.

/* */

Posted by Quarl - April 17th, 2008

I uploaded a new song a few hours back, but I took it down. I decided the general newgrounds community just doesn't appreciate this kind of stuff. If you want to hear it, you can listen to it here.

down voted and a shit review. Meh. Not like I put more than a couple of hours into it any ways. It was an experimental track for my art class. The idea was to use only recorded sounds of random non-instrumental things. The three sounds are a toy doll, a few paint brushes and a wind-up toy. Effects: reverb, delay and a hell of a lot of splitting.

Dunno, if you like it, let me know. When I finish the project, maybe I'll put it back up. Thing is, I'm kind of debating umm, putting more stuff up. Dunno. I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to start making my sounds private for future interests. A year at art school is making me want to sell my work more and more. The education is expensive and I need to learn how to sell my work if it's all going to be worth it in the end. While my craft has improved so much since arriving here, I don't feel like the institution is doing anything to help me learn how to survive in the art world. I've been burning cds and giving them out to free to complete strangers. It's embarrassing to buy a stack of blanks for $30 and not make any money back. I need to learn how to be a little less generous if I'm going to make any money.

Dunno, I have a lot on my mind right now. I have so much fun making music, but I have almost no fun sharing it. I get a couple of good reviews from the guys who matter, but my downloads have gone to shit since the redesign. I averaged around 80 downloads, now I manage about 10 to 5 despite improving so much since I first started submitting. Gah.

*Edit: got the tee shirt/ pillars loot. I'm happy :)

(Picture is a charcoal drawing I did for class. It's a still life abstraction.)

meow mix

Posted by Quarl - April 9th, 2008

I don't even remember turning 18, now I'm 19? What the fuck?

Posted by Quarl - March 31st, 2008

I'm in a bit of a bad mood right now. Last semester of art school and classes are burning me out. I've had to get so much shit work done. These last few weeks. Paintings, drawings, videos, chorus concerts, essays. It never ends. Also, my shitty headphones finally broke. They just snapped apart. BAH. I'm now mixing what I'm working on with shit apple ipod headphones, which will work for now. Also, I'm flat broke and I owe my friend $20.

In other news, I recently scored 2nd place in the newgrounds audio comp pillars of pico. I scored the placement in the pico category with Antagonist (Re-master.) That means I get a free tee! YAY! I asked for the Metal Gear Awesome Tee, but I kind of wish I had asked for the blue smoking steve. Then again, I probably should have asked Tom to just send me $20 so I can pay off my friend.