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2017 north American Beatbox Championships

2018-01-19 12:02:24 by Quarl

I've been meaning to upload this video clip to my news feed but I'm lazy as all fuck. This is from the 2017 North American Beatbox championships. There were about 110 some contestants and my name got called first. The video was shot on a friends cell phone from the front row. This was my first time in front of audience of my peers. This was from day two of the event, open eliminations. Day three saw tournament style knockout rounds from the best of day two. Being a new face I didn't aim to get past this round but the experience and friends made there were well worth the experience :)


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2018-01-19 22:17:16

Well done! I'm glad the it was rewarding for you!

A question about beatboxing: Does it pay to know your venue? The metallic echo seemed to emphasize your chugging sounds and I wonder if you could have used that to your advantage if you were serious about advancing. Perhaps some whoop sounds might have also worked with the acoustics.

(Updated ) Quarl responds:

Knowing the venue can be helpful, certainly. Just like knowing the different kinds of microphones and what mic techniques will give you better sound. Before this performance, I did three open mic nights to prepare. One venue had an amazing sound system and an amazing mic. The next venue had serious feedback on their mic. I now know not to take that mic off the stand.

The pro beat boxers will encourage you to go out and get a feel for different venues and spaces. All the experience adds up and if anything, gives you the courage to keep chugging away :D


2018-01-24 19:32:04

Holy cow awesome!

Quarl responds:

thanksee :]