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Aaa that looks nice. :) Just jumping into open air though, must be a jittery drop at first. Wonder if I responded to your last comment hmm, need to track back a bit... anyway really cool video.

Curious about landing: do you have a designated zone/field/something, or can you just fly wherever's suitable?

The landing zone is totally visible after the launch. It's the large rectangular grass field with all the little white buildings going horizontally along the bottom. The buildings belong to Lookout Mountain Flight Park, they are accommodations on a budget. You can even save some money by camping here but I'm literally an hour drive away and have no need for lodging.

At my level of skill, I follow a straight flight plan to the landing zone. Once over the LZ the novice pilot will perform the box method, essentially circling the LZ while bleeding altitude. After a year or so you may qualify to up your ratings and start ridge soaring and thermaling. The next level has way more freedom but your always limited by the weather and landscape. A skilled pilot can read the air currents and land-marks to follow. For example, blacktop parking lots or grassy fields will carry a lot of heat in the summer to create rising air currents. Certain cloud formations will also form over thermals. Local pilots can usually tell you where some of the guaranteed thermals are. In air you are an "active pilot" the entire time by keeping track of your altitude and where you are in relation to a decent LZ. You almost always plan to land in a designated LZ unless you encounter an emergency. Imagine using some cow farmers field for a landing strip and getting shot for trespassing. No bueno.

So there are LZ's spread out a little all over the place? Guess that means you can't just go flying anywhere you want though, even when you have the skill? Living in Sweden does have it's hang-gliding perks apparently: nobody's allowed to shoot you just because you're on their land. :)

You could fly anywhere and land anywhere but as a solo pilot you should have the experience needed to avoid unneeded risk. Safety is paramount. Let's compare hang gliding to skydiving. There is this idea that skydiving is free falling but that's just not true. A skydiver is constantly monitoring the altitude of their fall. To take liberty during the jump, they need to have hundreds of jumps both tandem and solo.

Jumping off a mountain with no experience will get you killed. Gravity is shit :D

Good to know. Ever tried skydiving? Thought about? The one air-related sport that seems really crazy though: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wingsuit_flying

Guess the wind up there is pretty fierce too. :) Yeah...

I wanted to bring up wingsuits. So dangerous. Fun looking but honestly, its just a really cool way to fly into rocks D:

I have skydiving on my bucket list. My boyfriend was skydiving when I met him. He has a lot of jumps under his belt :)

So it really is as dangerous as it seems. XD Was thinking maybe the videos you see only show the most dangerous attempts... though seems like BASE diving and proximity flying are where it really gets crazy, not so much wingsuits via plane...

Nice. :) 200 freefall dives required to start with wingsuits though, JSYK! ;)

National Geo has a good article on wing suit deaths.


Hmm really interesting, and eerie, article. :| Gives the whole extreme sports culture a whole new angle... scary numbers, in the present as well as the past, with all those Batmen of old; pioneers. Go Pro encouraging such reckless; death-defying ventures too... feel like I'll get a new impression of the brand after this... thanks for linking.

Nice Profile Pic! I love it!

Man oh man, this looks terrifying and awesome at the same time!

Am having fun. I took my second flight recently, can't wait for number three!

Hey hey, mad respect to you. I don't even like climbing ladders or going down stairs!

That looks Amazing. Fun. Thrilling and Awsome!!
I'm happy for you that you got to do that!
I am working to get my Private Pilots License, so, I know how exhilarating flying is :)
But I bet being in the wind is a whole different experience.
So, Congrats ^^
And don't kill yourself :P

The glider is a fun aircraft. I've gotten to fly motorized planes before but I love the feel of the hang glider so much more. It becomes an extension of your body as you shift your body weight to control pitch and roll.

Also, I don't plan on killing myself. I've made it far enough in life to have a decent respect for it :D

Wow, I didn't expect such a fast response :O
Of course, I was joking about killing yourself, I just meant be careful. ^^
And I bet flying that kind of glider would be an amazing experience!
Maybe I can get the chance to hang-glide in the future :)
But till then, best of luck gliding, and may the winds be in your favor :)