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The next VIP The next VIP

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Psh, what a shitty review toast.

The drop was the best part. That nuero bass was so wet IF & D.matrix. Really crisp stuff. What are you guys using for this collab? I'd be curious to know how those basses were put out.

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IonicForce responds:

Hey Quarl!

Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed those basses!!

Our DAW of choice is FL 12 and the drop is composed with Sytrus, Serum, Massive, and FM8. That neuro bass was actually a vocodex bass and we used a bunch of slide notes. The Neuro FM was made of an FM8 Modulating a neuro carrier from Sytrus. Serum was used three times in this part of the drop. Two of the serums were growls and the last one was used for pitch bending. Massive was used for its performer functions, also a flanger and vocodex was used to create that "liquidy" sound.

I hope that helped a bit!

Better Days [Glitch/Electro Swing] Better Days [Glitch/Electro Swing]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice vibes. Raunchy. IMO snare could have used a high frequency layer like an 808 snare or a clap. That snare had some nice bass to it but I like getting punched in the face by a snare. I'm a masochist. A ride cymbal or some tambs could have made that beat a little more layered.

Cool of you to note the sorrowful memory samples. I'm not that cool. I usually just shrug now a days because literally everyone that makes EDM samples in some odd way. Right down to the synths people use, there's almost always some kind of sample library behind the instruments. Like I said, that was really nice of you. I looked up 이문세 - 애수 just to see, I'm guessing it was the horns? I still have these Sorohan Mihai samples on my computer from the Hey Babulia remix contest ages ago. This track is giving me some inspirations!

Cool track Devil, 10/10 :)

TheEvilDevil responds:

Thank you so much, and also for the very detailed review; I know what to do next time. I'm glad that I gave you some inspiration ^^

The Waiting Room The Waiting Room

Rated 5 / 5 stars

That had an almost IDM vibe at one point. Super laid back jams! If you don't mind me asking, what programs or tools are you using to produce with?

TheDukeofJuke responds:

I use Fruity Loops 11 for my stuff. Happy to hear that people like this one.

Day of Yearning Day of Yearning

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I hate it when data gets lost. Great track to revive! Loops perfectly. Most artists now a days get that digital arp sound with aid from a machine so kudos to writing it out! This track reminds me of something you'd hear out of a Final Fantasy sound track :)

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Troisnyx responds:

Funny you mention Final Fantasy, because Final Fantasy X (the original OST, not the HD remaster) actually influenced a lot of my soundtrack-writing, along with Kingdom Hearts and a few other things. FFX in particular had this part orchestral, part synth, all MIDI sort of sound that felt like it belonged either in late 1990s enka music, or on the PlayStation 1.

Really glad you like it ^_^ That arp was fairly easy to write. Kinda doesn't help that when you're classically trained in piano, one of the things you're drilled into doing over and over AND OVER AGAIN are... well, basically, arps. What used to be the bane of my existence seems to fit perfectly here.

Nutty's Beat Nutty's Beat

Rated 5 / 5 stars

omg, I love hip hop with an electro vibe. I could sit here and nit pick the mix a bit but I'll try to keep it short.

I couldn't tell if you were panning sounds and even if you were, some of those sounds could be much further to the left or right. I say this a lot but panning creates the illusion that a sound is louder than it actually is so you get to turn the volume down on something after you pan it and that will free up some more room in your mix.

I see you've been doing the musics here for a few years so I'm sorry if this is old news to you. Bass stays in the middle, everything else can bias left or right. Sometimes I'll split an individual synth signal into two separate channels then pan both resulting channels in opposite directions. I have no idea if that's good practice or not but it seems to help me fatten up some sounds while clearing out the center of the field for more bass.

Cheers Cannon!

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CannonXIII responds:

Hmmm... Thank you for the insight m'lady. That is something I never thought about when making a track like this. I'll be sure to cash in on that idea. Thanks! :)

TidalWav TidalWav

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Seven minutes? Congratulations Karm and Cannon. It always feels good when you can juggle ideas that long. This didn't get repetitive at all. I think I wrote a ten minute song once and the second half of it was just the first helf of the song in reverse with heavy amounts of reverb. Was total shit.

1:17 hit me in the proper feels. That portamento was sex <3

You guys should try doing some more collabs. This was a great result. Maybe next time round out that roundness with more emphasis on sharpness? As in, it's ok to mix mids and highs into the track. You might be able to get more clarity in this with more panning? That sex synth might do more further to the left. Panning will create the illusion that a sound is louder than it really is so you can then turn the level of it down a tad and save room in your mix.

Seriously loved this. This reminds me of my collabs with Stan SB years ago. It's always refreshing to work with new people. Ideas flow more and we grow faster :)

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Karmakosm responds:

Youre an inspiration to musicians and artists all over newgrounds. You make good music, youre funny and just plain awesome. Thank you for a wonderful review, Quarl. Life and music wouldnt be the same had I not met you on here! :)

Dreaming Planet Dreaming Planet

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You're so modest when you self deprecate. "Oh, dear my gentleness. Here's something that I hope sounds okay." I get super into the self deprecation like "FUCK ME IM A HYPOCRITE."

Ahem. Lovely tune. The piano that punches me about a minute in is so effing nice. I might have tried dragging it in with a big crescendo and an obnoxious amount of rubato but I'm a whore like that. Your version resolves perfectly. I just rewinded 50 times to receive maximum satisfaction from it before even finishing the song. I came out swinging like "FUCK ME WHERE IS THE RUBATO AT MOTHER FUCKER??" before even listening to the whole track. The piano was perfect the way it was.

Holy shit why did your song make me hyper? I'm going to burn it to a disc and listen to it all the way to Philly tomorrow. Four hours. It's that good.

S3C responds:


Domo Arigato, Mr. Rubato. Well I'm really glad you like this track! Have fun in Philly- going to Pico Day?? Thanks for the nice review!

Lunar Transmission Lunar Transmission

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Holy fuck those heavily panned digitally distorted pads right at the beginning maxed out my adrenal glands. The funny thing is that if you made an entire dubstep song around that one noise people would shit tits. Can't tell if those are samples or what but hey: gold. I didn't even care about the rest of the song. I just kept going back and listening to that noise. It was yummy in a synesthesia kind of way. I think I tasted metal listening to that noise.

You obviously have a knack for aranging melodies. I loved those progressions and the chords were lush. I think your mixing needs some work. One last thing I could nit pick is that I felt like the entire song was a build up for a song that never came.

Please don't take this review as a negative. For someone that is learning you're making really good progress! I hope you keep at it and learn everything you want to learn :)

homchom responds:

Thanks so much!!! And so you know, none of that was a sample, I made it all in a sheet music program and edited it with Audacity.

Vintage Superman Theme Cover Vintage Superman Theme Cover

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This brings back some oooooooold memories. I used to watch a few old episodes on VHS growing up. I was a damn little nugget last time I heard this melody :')

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sorohanro responds:

Glad to hear you like it. There is a pack with the separate stems if you fancy a remix ;)
Thanks for the review.

8bit Underground 8bit Underground

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is really damn cool. I feel like if I plug in my headphones I'll hear some clipping back there somewhere but I don't always master my own stuff either. Just plugged in the cans. There are a few finer textures I could nitpick but honestly, throwing a pad onto this track might mask some of those frequencies a little.

omg, redo this song with a new drum kit and just one airy pad. This could be a really sick track with the right drum kit and background sounds. It's already really cool. Fuck, I've been listening to this track so hard I didn't even read the part where you said this is already a redo.

Hate me, redo the redo. I'd layer in a fat, over compressed dubstep kit of some kind then side chain the kit's signal to everything. Where could you go wrong?

Karmakosm responds:

This was the song that made me quit music for 2 months.... The other version from before was cleaner in my opinion. Im not as good at that kind of stuff as you, Quarl. still needs more reverse cowgirl!