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New beat box video: Closet Beats

2017-03-12 12:10:35 by Quarl

Was filming beats to capture new techniques and improve my sound. You can't really get better at something unless you analyze it. I find that musicality improves if you record somehow. Recording lets you nit pick the details. Got a lot wrong with this take but it's hard to get a "good take" on an iphone while standing in a closet. Happy practice :')



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2017-03-14 13:37:59

Woo!! - that was bangerang!! (yes I'm a dork) Truly, very cool talent you have there!^^ Also I totally caught that Monty Python reference and love you for it. <3

Quarl responds:

I worry about the day when my references will be missed by the majority of people because of dead age demographics. At what point will people stop caring that my hips don't lie? When will my milkshakes stop bringing boys to the yard?


2017-03-16 19:51:04

I've seen a couple of these before, and your beat-boxing will never cease to amaze me.. it's simply wild - uncanny, unbelievable.. cheers

Quarl responds:

Aws thank you!! ^o^


2017-03-26 10:47:42

pretty sick, your snare is really good

Quarl responds:

Thanks misty flow ^.~


2017-04-03 13:02:52

I wanna remix that first part

(Updated ) Quarl responds:

Oh my god you're alive.


2017-04-05 10:03:36

Okay I'm impressed

Quarl responds:

Much love geo :D


2017-04-14 12:41:22

just wow. XD


2017-05-01 23:59:24

This guy is my favorite

Quarl responds:

lol, love Tom Thum. He's one of those gateway beat boxers. I originally got into beat boxing thanks to Reggie Watts videos :)


2017-05-09 02:39:41

Dat. Was. Sick.