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Love Your Family

Posted by Quarl - October 1st, 2014

I don't believe in a christian heaven but I hope that when it's my time to pass I'll see my mom again. That we can enjoy each others company like we used to. I pray that I can see her again despite my lack of faith. If there is a higher power I'd hope that she's a forgiving and empathetic diety who truely understands love. If I see my mother in a Jewish afterlife, I'll cherish it. If I see her again in Valhalla, I won't ask how I got there. Maybe the Johova's witnesses are God's chosen people but then again, maybe we all could be.

I'd sooner prescribe to religions that base their philosophies on ideas like karma.The diety that I'd hope for is one that values people for their honesty, moral integrity, and compassion. The Christian God that's frequently thrown in front of me simultaneously hates and loves gay people depending on who you ask. If you ask Bill O'Rielly, supposedly God favors North America but I'm sure Vladmir Putin would disagree with that claim. People have created God, and God has the ability to be a positive or a negative force depending on who wields her.

I don't believe in heaven because the asshole giving sourmons down the street just didn't convince me. If we're all on this planet together, then we all go to the same place when we die. Hell is on planet earth. Shoot my body into space, or else do something to make this planet better for the generation that will bury us. You can't take your wealth with you. 

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Sounds like the same disillusionment I find with people who claim to be God's people, yet openly and willingly preach hate, which is what He doesn't stand for in the first place.

I'm a Christian myself (Catholic, to be precise) and here where I live, I see people who claim to be followers of Christ, but couldn't care less about the homeless, those struggling with addictions, or even those who think slightly differently from them -- when I see these groups of people literally every day, on the streets. I also see good people who are willing to help them and dedicate their expenses, their time, and one day, even a spare room in their house, for them. My fiancé and I both grew up with people of other faiths living around us, and we know some Hindus, Muslims, even atheists, who can put us lot to shame.

There are going to be good and bad regardless of faith, belief, religion or otherwise. But the fact of life is that everyone deserves to be loved. As a Christian I stand with many who say that God is love. But people either ignorantly or willingly forget that, and where is His love shown?

Thank you so much for the honest response. I wasn't sure what I was going to get when I threw this up last night but really, thank you for looking at this with an open mind. I was worried my pessimistic tone was going to bring someone down.

This post was a direct result of the last few weeks. My mom recently took her own life. I remember sitting in the hospital holding her hand while she was on life support. My boss was there because she was one of Annette's close friends. My boss is a practitioner of Kabbalah and was reading a prayer in Hebrew. I meant no harm but I jokingly said "is that a good one?"

It came out wrong and I've kind of regretted saying that to my boss.

sorry for your loss
yes love your family and lineage both
your deity lays within
they live through you as you will through yours
know your family they'll die answers lost
the young need advise, shepherd your flock
we weep for the dead and for whom do you weep?
respect your elders address them as 'po'
lend them an ear, twisted wisdom of age if you listen clear
try to be good and aspire to truth
seek the real reason not agenda good given
beware dialectic control from above
don't be divided, love thy neighbor
this will drive the controllers crazy
forsake not curiosity, don't get bored nor complacent
don't doubt the odiousness of culture creators
nor snared by their greedy tentacles
dispel incredulity, watch out your back,
they rule by the flame and never miss
yes they rule by the fist, by the fist
don't accept that humans are scum
don't believe fractional reserve and perpetual war
keep one eye on the paranoid
money is a con not a god
yes there is more, my body i left
let this not lend credence to religion for controlling
but innate intangible personal spirituality
shining a light my intellect grasps when i die
like a solvent for soul, for the soul
the internal eternal click
there's some stuff
that went all weird them words what i write.
it would not be impolite to say i was talking shite

Thanks for the poetry. I have a few old friends that write and share with me from time to time. The only thing I'm curious about was the address your elders as "po" bit. Culturally relevant, are you Chinese?

not chinese, english and dutch. i have a phillipino friend arlin, i thank her and her husband salamat po.
were a few bits i'd change in that reading again.
i got locked in to those word last night. i don't write much but enjoy it when i does

Hey hey, writing is a good thing to do. I won't get in the way of an artist and a flow of thought.

speaking of writing, started summin with that midi.
thanks for that. is funky. will finish when there is time