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Birds Not Chirping

2013-05-19 15:42:56 by Quarl

I awoke last night to the sound of birds not chirping. A noise woke me up. At first I thought it was a fire cracker. I live a block away form china town and I'm used to hearing fireworks. What got me startled and really woke me up was the aftershock.

(2:30 am)

I hate to say it but I'm noticing a trend. For about 10-15 seconds after a shooting there's a nervous chatter. No one knows what to do. It kind of sounds like "did that really just happen?" and "are we ok?" It's an incredibly uneasy sound. I looked out the window of my apartment to see a kid hobble up and move towards a car. He was clearly injured. I could only faintly hear a girl chirping "get in the car."

Had I of wanted to help I would have ran down five flights of stairs only to arrive on a witness free crime scene. The first thing everyone always thinks is "I don't want to get shot," so they quickly scurry indoors. The cops arrived 20 minutes later, got out of their car, walked up and down the block and then left. There was nothing for them to do.

Birds not chirping sounds a lot like the gravity of a particular location increasing. It's like there's a dark presence about the area that slowly drags people in to spectate. It sounds like rational thought breaking down. Like a bunch of humans turning into a startled flock of birds. It's a quiver of a sound that comes with a creeping feeling of terror in your gut. What is anyone supposed to do?

On a completely unrelated note...

I go to a support group once a week. Sometimes people have really silly things to complain about but sometimes someone is actually hurt or dying. The thing I've come to realize is that I kind of enjoy hearing people complain about mundane things. Part of me doesn't want to care about the tiny problems but another part of me wants to gather myself at the edge of my seat and sarcastically say "are these seriously your problems? Please, tell me more." It feels a lot like entertaining a child.

People are programmed to greedily want more out of life. Part of me feels guilty because instead of trying to do something about it I hypocritically throw all of my money into growing my own tits. Could I by chance tell you about the new hilarious little pains I feel in my chest when I bump into things by accident?

It's pretty funny.


1 out of 3 kids in Oakland drop out before graduating highschool. A friend of mine was dating a girl with two kids. One of her two kids is in second grade and about to drop. She's supposed to be in 4th. Education is important :c


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2013-05-20 13:24:54

That's why you need guns for self defense.

Quarl responds:

LOLOLOLOLOL, no. Despite all the violence I'm seeing out here in Oakland more guns is definitely not the solution. I used to be very moderate leaning on all topics guns but I'm starting to lean more left.


2013-05-21 06:16:49

Thought I lived in a bad neighborhood but then I read shit like this and its kinda humbling, havent had gun issues in well over a year

well havent had a penny to rob in well over year either hahahaha

The good with the bad, treasure's trash and all that.. least you have tits LOL

(Updated ) Quarl responds:

I KNOW RIGHT!? You have no idea how happy these tits are making me :D


2013-05-21 11:28:25

Hmm, sounds like I live in a comparatively calm and compassionate neighborhood. Cars burn occasionally, but that's about it. Good reading.

Quarl responds:

haha, bonfires :p


2013-05-24 04:59:55

I know the feel of living in bad neighborhood. Guns and gangs flyin' everywhere. I got stabbed once for not-letting-get-mugged 2 months before my military career. No one will feel for your because they think it's normal to see people getting hurt in these hoods.

It's not that they are greedy, it's just people feel shits like this is normal, and why should they care more? Some stay and keep closed, some get out to better hoods.

Quarl responds:

You nailed it. Feels.


2013-05-24 17:50:41

don't worried about my new post


2013-05-24 17:51:17

don't worried about my new post

Quarl responds:

Not worried ;p


2013-05-24 18:58:08

i sent a message to you

Quarl responds:

I got your message :)


2013-05-24 19:06:42

reply to it. your a female

Quarl responds:



2013-05-24 19:25:47

that is the Black Ranger in the pic on main page

Quarl responds:

Yes it is! Hi five!! Curious, where are you from? Is english a second language for you? I'm just a little curious...


2013-05-24 19:55:19

NY is well i'm at


2013-05-24 19:56:24

will you Reply to My PM?

Quarl responds:



2013-05-26 05:22:41

Did that just happen oir did you watch fight club again

Quarl responds:

It happens all the time out here. It's weird how it's just normal out here. Every time someone starts fighting their girlfriends in public or two guys start going at it people just kind of don't want to get involved. There's no sense of decency. Gun shoots go off and everyone runs like mice. It's just hard to kind of look at when you've gone your whole life in the woods and a small town.