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2013-04-28 02:40:53 by Quarl

She was from Rupauls season 3 :'D


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2013-04-28 03:47:00

Well that was interesting.

Quarl responds:

Admit it. You jerked off.


2013-04-29 07:00:02

are you a girl now?

Quarl responds:

Just started the transition. Sorry if that's weird :/


2013-04-30 20:20:09

well not a bad weird, unusual yes, but interesting more than anything. do you just dress like a girl or have you actually taking supplements to develop breasts and have you considered reconstructive surgery? also what prompted the change? or are you just coaxing me into a snafu?

Quarl responds:

Lol, I've been kind of low key about it but not really secretive. I'm taking hormones and will eventually get a few surgeries. I'm currently getting rid of my facial hair through a process called electrolysis. Because I have to grow out my facial hair I'm back into what I call "boy mode" but I'm noticing very physical changes already and I'm very happy with the whole process.

I think I became most interested in the change after my car accident. I had heard a number of different stories of trans experiences and the more I learned the more I kind of wanted it. I'm not too turned off by surgery given the few times I was in the hospital for it against my will anyways.

It's really the personal accounts and stories that have prompted me to take action on my feelings. I've been incredibly happy since. No regrets :)


2013-05-01 18:58:33

that's pretty cool (wo)man. So are you going to get rid of your penis? Does the thought of having one gross you out? also, how is your family taking your decision?

Quarl responds:

Operation Vagina Acquire (or OVA for short) is gonna be expensive. If anything I have a few years to think on it. Mine doesn't gross me out but it would be nice to see the beach one day in something other than trunks. Also, long term mating rituals might influence my decisions. Like I said: time.

Honestly, I'm flabbergasted at how well my family took to it. They're living 3,000 miles away currently but only because I decided to move so damn far away. I'm proud to have them as my family. Lurvkip.


2013-05-09 15:56:54

So when should we start calling you ruqal then? ó _õ

I'm afraid of being trolled horrendously here but srsly if you're real about this I hope everything works out for you. Have fun swagging around with tits like that ^, bahaha.

(Updated ) Quarl responds:

No joke, I've been on hormones now for a few months. If I leave the apartment without wearing a sports bra my nipples punch through my shirt like Bruce Lee on steroids.

As for my name, no point in changing it.

Call me Cory, call me Quarl.
Call me Maury or call me Carl.

"I don't care what you call me. Just call me."