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Quarl's News

Posted by Quarl - September 24th, 2008

Got nothing to say.

Posted by Quarl - September 18th, 2008

I'm taking a little time off. I have some projects/ papers due next week and I've been way too absorbed in my music as of late. I've been going through a real writing frenzy but I NEED to focus. So yeah. I'll be taking some time off. Don't worry though. When I come back I'll have all sorts of treats.

In the mean time, listen to this. Also, check out this.

If you don't follow navs work, listen to this, then listen to this totally hawt remix I made.

All-righty, I'll be back soon. Good thing no one really cares though, so by the time you read this, I'll probably be back :D

Posted by Quarl - September 7th, 2008

Trogdar Vs. Quarl Round two!

I love how he put my second artist name in the title. I'm thinking of changing it to that. Any feelings on the idea of losing Quarl to Ruqal?

Posted by Quarl - September 2nd, 2008

My best friend just withdrew from school today to run off and join a mission and it's directly because of the shit I've been telling him...

Note to all newgrounds users. Don't take me seriously. Ever.

Posted by Quarl - August 29th, 2008

As I learn more about myself and human nature, the less things really make sense. It's funny... the term ignorance is bliss is truly an adequate statement for life. I feel as if the one thing that makes me truly happy is ignorance, though it's also so obviously the one thing that destroys so many things. I feel as if the only way to be happy in society is to ignore everything but that which is right on front of you.

As I look outside my window, I can enjoy a beautiful view of a wonderful landscape, a large mountain, or a hill or something. I don't know what they call it around here. But it's beautiful. I enjoy this because my school recently knocked down a ton of trees on the side of a cliff in order to make a new building. An add on to the performing arts center. I used to smoke weed with my friends under the cover of those trees. It was really beautiful back then too. No one will know but me. I'll be sitting in a brand new practice room playing a brand new piano thinking about the "good old days" of a few years past. Maybe that's the way things were back before the school was even built. I can see some natives in this area centuries ago, smoking a pipe looking at the white people thinking "boy, do they have the wrong idea." I took a class on native american art last year. I know everything about them. I'm a genius.

I can see a fat lady waddling around out by the road. By all means, she has won at life. She is everything that any starving animal or person could ever wish to be, but no doubt a horrible denial comes from that luxury. How could she possibly be happy with herself? I can see her looking at a mirror crying thinking "why am I so fat." A cynic would say it's the eclairs. I think it's human nature. We need to feed, we once were those starving animals. Fat lady, you should be happy you got to be so round. I saw a picture of a starving child in Africa once. I know everything about them now. I'm really intelligent.

On the subject of starving animals, I can see a stray cat walking near by. His rib cage bleeds through his skin. I tried to call him over to my window, but he ignored me. Sort of. He glanced in my general direction, but that didn't stop him. I love cats. He'll never know. I might have some food for him. I want to leave a bowl out for him, but I know some ass will come and kick it or something. When I was a kid I did that to a bowl of water thinking "yay! fun!" My dad told me it might have been for a stray cat. That made me really sad. If only I had stopped to think about that starving cat, I never would have kicked that bowl.

One of my suite mates is listening to something. I think it sounds like crap. Maybe I'll try blasting my crap and see if it phases him. When it comes right down to it, we all listen to crap. Or not. I like the crap I listen to, maybe that makes it good... if I could travel back in time I'd ask Beethoven what he thought of DNB. He might ask me where all the melodies were. I'd tell him the idea of drum and bass was not about melody and he'd say blasphemy. But what the fuck did he know? He was deaf. He couldn't even hear what he wrote. Jerk. I hope he enjoys being dead.

Hypocrisy. Ignorance. Arrogance. Life is all that. At least it is for me.

Posted by Quarl - August 26th, 2008

Yo. Fuck my last news post. I have all the time in the world.

Posted by Quarl - August 24th, 2008

Taking a break from newgrounds for a bit. Things are picking up in my life right now and I really need to focus. I'll be back in a month or two to post some more music.

see ya ;)

Posted by Quarl - August 21st, 2008

I'm really damn proud of this piece of shit.

Ok... story time...

I got the inspiration for this track after accidentally running over a duck in my mini van. I took my eyes off the road for two fucking seconds to pick a cd, and the next thing I knew he was under my fucking tires. I LOVE DUCKS. You have no idea how fucking bad I felt after that one. I started the song that night, worked all morning, got one hour of sleep, and I worked on it all day the following day. I kid you not when I say that I had the full 4 minutes of the song done and sounding awesome in the first day. (Sorry if that comes off as pretentious.)

Honestly though, this is probably the best song I've ever produced. Even if you don't like dnb, understand that it's kind of what I'm good at... granted I'm still an amateur, but I really feel like I've been learning a lot lately. Every synth in this song was made using Reasons initial patches (except for the piano and violin.) I put a lot of work into getting the drums to sound they way they do by layering several drum kits and running each one through it's own mixer. I put almost no effort into the rhythm, but cut me some slack there. I've only been drumming for 5 to 6 years. Really, how do you expect me to get good at rhythm with only 5 years of drum education? Daily education? Only 2 to 3 hours a day? Seriously. Cut me some slack.

Some of you might think the last few measures of the track seem unnecessary. In all honesty, I put in that little ambience so that I can mix it live in a DJ set if I end up doing that down the road. Also, I really wanted the song to hit the four-minute mark. Sue me.

While I'm uploading this track for the madness comp, I'm also submitting it to AeraDynamic's "Watching the World Die" project, which promotes awareness of animal abuse. You can read all about it in his news spot by checking out this link:


Added little bonus, if you think you can hear the reese I made that sounds like a quacking ducky, you win!

Extra stuff:

I'll be putting some more work into this tomorrow. I just got new speakers a few hours ago but I can't listen to the mix on them yet because everyone in the house is asleep. I've been mixing on headphones for the last year; so if any one can give me some mixing/mastering tips, please post them!


I really want to know if I should set my systems bass and treble knobs to their initial positions. It may seem obvious, but I really don't know. The mix sounds fine on my laptop speakers and in my headphones, but at the low volume level I just tested my new speakers at, it seems like setting the knobs to their initial positions made the mix sound really bad. Also, how does a decibel measure sound and how is it relevant to a compressor? I've been making electronic music now for two years and I don't know this stuff and I've tried to learn it but no tutorial can really explain it adequately.

If you took the time to read all that, you've probably unconsciously listened to this song 5 times all ready :)


If I find that you've downloaded this, re-uploaded it to another site and have used it with out my permission, I will personally contact the admins of whatever shitty site you're affiliated with and personally shut you down. I want to go pro and I while I appreciate having my work admired/shared, I do not apprieciate stealing in the least bit. Contact me if you want to use my music. Seriously. I worked really fucking hard on this piece of shit.

Posted by Quarl - August 17th, 2008

shit... drunk again... made this post in an attempt not to post in the forums... but... it's... so... tempting...

Posted by Quarl - August 9th, 2008