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Quarl's News

Posted by Quarl - December 17th, 2009

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When you're finished watching that, go buy some of my electronic junk music. Think of it as a christmas gift for both of us.

Posted by Quarl - October 24th, 2009

If you're interested in picking up a hard copy of my cd, shoot me a pm and we'll talk. If'n you're curious as towards what's on it, you can check out the entire cd for free on myspace in the artists bio. If you're only interested in a song or two you can purchase digital downloads on amazon. I've pretty much got my DJ set done so as far as I'm concerned I've got my bases covered. asdgasdhgasdg.

Hard Copies In!!!

Posted by Quarl - October 17th, 2009

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Also, this.

Posted by Quarl - August 13th, 2009

Kittens. I'm working on a DJ set at the moment to do live shows with. It's coming along really well. Until I manage to make my way to a city near you there's this digital download available for purchase. It's probably too expensive for you though. What with the economy and all. Wait... what am I talking about? You guys never had jobs in the first place :P

There might be one or two free songs still here on newgrounds but for the most part I removed the songs from here/ made better versions of them for the cd. I got about 100 hard copies in the mail coming but don't expect me to make them available online. Dunno. It's up for debate at the moment. Mreow. Here's a picture of the hard copy cd art to tantilize you. If you must know, that's actually a photo of me :D :D :D

I look good in eye liner don't I?

Shock Art: Digital buy load.

Posted by Quarl - June 18th, 2009

Sorry if anyone was expecting a fast response for something. I've kind of been in the hospital for the last two weeks. Instead of making a big deal about it near the forums, I'll just post info here.

Car accident, c2 fractured vertebrae (I done broke my neck,) a good bout of memory loss, and soon to be a full recovery. It's weired. My memories stop at around a half hour to an hour before the accident and don't start back up untill around two weeks after. It's almost as if I wasn't there for any of it. Everything I know about it revolves around what I've been told. It's unfortunate that I don't remember it because that means I won't learn as much from it save for what I'm told. I had a friend with me in the car at the time who got out scratch free but would have been dead had I of hit the tree a foot more to the right. See the pic below and realize that the tree nit the car right behind his chair. Also, it was 540 degree turn into the tree so I think it's safe to say we had a lot of momentum.

Apparently I was in a drug induced coma for a few days after while under respirators/ while they drilled a hole in my head to calm swelling/put in some wires. Aside from some gritty details I was in the hospital for about two weeks. Had I not have been so young I wouldn't be recovering so fast and I might not be so lucky. Granted, if I wasn't so lucky both me and my friend would have been dead.

The Crash:

Moral. Don't drive like an idiot. The entire thing happened because a kid I didn't like passed me on my side, and I raced him. Needless to say "we won by beating him to the tree." If anything is to be learned from this it's don't give in to road rage. If someone else feels like being a dick, let them. Don't become one too. Four people could have died that night. We're lucky as fuck to all be walking away from this. I have a friend from high school who's been in a coma for a while now from trying to impress someone in his car. Assholes used to joke that he wouldn't go anywhere with his life. We'll... now he might not. This is serious. Don't drive like a piece of shit. Ever.

Questions: feel free to say/ ask whatever you want. If you feel like posting a comment about dicks, or leaving me a message that says I'm gay, go for it. That's what makes newgrounds great. Ask/say whatever the fuck you want. I leave you now with this pic of my car AFTER it had been moved. Remember how I said I had a friend sitting right next to me who got out of the crash scratch free? Well, lets imagine we hit the tree a weeee bit more towards the front.

Edit: Interesting article I just found on the bone I fractured.

Been hospitalized.

Posted by Quarl - May 25th, 2009

And that's the way it will stay. I'm working on an album right now. All those songs that just disappeared? They'll be on the album. Here's the concept art for the cover. Any sort of feed back would be nice.


Posted by Quarl - May 19th, 2009


Actually... school was out about a week ago. Play is over. I find job now. Here's a picture I gave to my teacher as documentation of my hard work. He didn't like it.

Work work work.

Posted by Quarl - May 11th, 2009

I saw some other people doing this, so why the hell not?

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I'm debating giving that last one to newgrounds. I'm not sure if you guys have earned medusa :P

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Posted by Quarl - May 8th, 2009

Go outside.

Posted by Quarl - April 29th, 2009

I'm too lazy to make a new description for the video, so I'm just gonna copy and paste what I wrote on youtube:

I made both the video and the music for my final project in my time media class. The song was made using primarily found objects, with the exception of the piano and the drum kit near the end. Most of the rhythmic noises are either fragments from a blown out kiln project or a bottle of Ibuprofen. The pad/synth sounds came from my cell phone put under heavy reverb/ pitch bends. The video was meant to echo the noises and kind of visualize the sounds that were being made by each object.

If you want to download the song for free, go here: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /231695

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